Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Labels Can't be Kept Readable in Tags

This is a true statement believe it or not.  I was working on a Room Tag which called out some finishes and at times needed to be rotated Vertical so it could fit into a space.  To my surprise, when the Tag was set to be Vertical, the text that was vertical on the side of the tag and now on the top of the tag was upside down.


Ok, so the Keep Readable checkbox must be unchecked for the Label.  Open up the family and check the props of the Label...Keep Readable is checked...interesting.  So, I check the usual source of AUGI and the only thing that I could find was there was a check box in the Family Category and Parameters to keep Text Readable...for a Annotation Family and not a Tag. 

Well, sent the issue along with the family to Autodesk to see what they had to say about it.  Here's the response that I received...

I’m sorry this functionality isn’t available in Revit. Thank you for pointing out this issue. I'll make it a wishlist item and send your service request to our development team. If you have any other product related feedback that you'd like to give, you can do so on our website at Thank you for your patience.

So now what you may ask?  In the case I'm working with we'll either make a second tag for vertical instances or maybe make another Label in the family that is "upside down" and tied to a visibility parameter to allow users to check a box to swap out the correct Label orientation.  Interesting piece about the whole thing...the Label acts appropriately in the Family!  So if you do happen to rotate your Labels in the Family, just be aware you may get some undesired results.  Or in my case, maybe desired results with this potential work-around.

I can't stress enough for people to utilize the link above to submit any feedback they have about Revit!!  The more users bang the door on issues, the more chance things will get looked at and potentially pushed to the top of the wishlist.


ace said...

Whst about the capability to ratate the label at any desired angle, this is true for other Revit tag

Dwane Lindsey said...

The Label can be rotated in the family at any angle you wish, but it's keep readable status will not follow through into the project.