Monday, October 5, 2009

Way Off Topic – Chicago Area Photo Book

Earlier this year, I picked up a new Canon DSLR camera and have been getting into photography even more as the year has gone on.  Which was perfect timing for a little “contest” that CBS2 Chicago put out there for Chicago area photographers to be featured in a new hard-bound, coffee-table book to be published and out for purchase in Dec. 2009.  So, I’ve submitted a few pictures that I’ve taken over the past few months and I’m looking for some help to possibly get published…so I need your help if you are will to help me out!  The voting will end around October 16, 2009.

Below is a portion of an email that will give you a link to the site to sign-up and vote, as well as a link to my picture page.  You do have to sign-up to vote, but you won’t receive emails or spam or anything from signing up unless you specify it in the Privacy settings.


Capture My ChicagoHappy Little Drummer Boy by Dwane Lindsey

Dwane Lindsey discovered a great website and wants you to be a part of it. is looking for the best photos of the Greater Chicago area to be published in a unique hard-bound, coffee-table book.

Dwane submitted a photo or two and would really appreciate your vote. Everyone who submits a photo is eligible for some great prizes, and of course the opportunity to get their art published in this great local book. Photos that achieve a high score (by vote), and editors' selections will be published in the book, so the book is truly the best of the Greater Chicago area. Registration, voting and submission are all free (and a ton of fun), so join Dwane and help shape the Capture My Chicago book today!

What are you waiting for? Go vote for Dwane's photos now!


If anyone does signup and vote for my photo’s, THANK YOU very much in advance!!  And, if you’re into the Chicago scene…this might not be a bad little book to purchase.  (No, I don’t get anything if you buy a book or even vote for my photo’s…just a picture and recognition in the book.)  Oh, one other thing…if you don’t think my photo’s are worthy of being in the book, please don’t feel bad if you Nix the picture.  I don’t see whether or not it’s a good or bad vote.

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