Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Revit Architecture 2012 New Features

Instead of just replicating the new features here, I’ll post a link to a great post by David Light over at his Revit Blog.  David did a GREAT job at covering the new features with some commentary….well done David!!

If you just want a quick list of the new features, here you go…

  • Revit Server (Now Native inside Revit)
  • Citrix Ready Release (Cloud based Revit??)
  • Autodesk Vault Collaboration AEC
  • Linking Improvements (Tag Rooms, Keynote, etc.)
  • Worksharing Enhancements
  • Improved DWG export fidelity
  • Visualisation Enhancements
  • 3d Tagging (Annotate a 3D View)
  • Modelling Enhancements
  • Performance
  • Construction Modelling
  • Massing enhancements
  • Materials
  • Point Cloud Support
  • IFC

As time goes on, I’ll be posting more about the new features as well.   

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