Monday, April 30, 2012

Remove Dimension from String Revit 2013

In Revit 2013 (all flavors), we now have the ability to remove a single dimension in the middle of a string!!  It’s always been painful to tell people that they needed to wipe out one end or the other and recreate the string if something in the middle needed to be removed for whatever reason.

Here’s a very, very short video on how it works…just remember, don’t select the string and try to Edit Witness Lines to remove a dimension this way.

Removing Single Dim from String


jonmcfarland said...

All I see is a green screen when the video plays.

Jon McFarland

Dwane Lindsey said...

Sorry about that Jon, I'm not sure what's going on since I can see the video okay. Maybe try going directly to YouTube to view the video via this link/web address -