Monday, December 17, 2007

Revit Architecture (RAC) 2009...When??

EDIT (4/1/08) - A new post has been added regarding the release date of Revit...Revit Architecture (RAC) 2009 Release Date!

EDIT (2/17/08) - A new post has been added regarding the new features of Revit Architecture 2009...Revit Architecture 2009 Updated and New Features. As far as a date of when it will be available, it has yet to be determined (publicized) and I will post it as soon as it is.

Lately I've been getting quite a few people asking about Revit 2009 and when it's going to be available/released or if I know what's going to be changed, updated, added, etc. to the 2009 release.

Well, about the only thing I know (and even then it's a guess) is that it will be released about the same time as the previous few years....around the end of March or early April when all the other Autodesk products are released. What's going to be included is only known by Autodesk and maybe some very early testers that Autodesk allows to test the program at this point.

If I remember the past releases correctly, Beta testing usually starts after the first of the year and those beta releases include what's new and updated. Even then, that information can not be released to/shared with the public until Autodesk gives the ok. Beta testers can share information with each other through a web site called MyFeedback. Anyone can apply but there is no guarantee that you will be chosen to Beta test. Beta testing requires feedback to Autodesk on the new features as well as bugs in the program. As being with a reseller we do get Beta software, but again we are not at liberty to discuss that info with the general public.

As soon as Autodesk gives the ok (which is usually when they let the public know when the software will be available) I will post as much as I can about Revit Architecture 2009!

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