Monday, June 30, 2008

BUG - Sweeps using Pick Path Option

This one comes courtesy of fellow AUGI member patricks.  He posted that he "discovered that sweeps with picked paths instead of sketched paths will not display a surface pattern when a material is applied. This occurs in both in-place families and regular families."

I was able to confirm this (with and without Web Update 1) and submitted a SR (Support Request) to Autodesk.  Here's their response...

Thank you for contacting Autodesk Support. I have submitted this issue to our development team and will let you know their findings/recommendations as quickly as possible.

So for now, if you are creating a family with a sweep and want a material with a surface pattern, do not use the Pick Path option until we get a fix.


I'll post an update as soon as I receive one.


Tony Isenhoff said...

Hey Dwane!

How funny - we just ran across this exact problem a few weeks ago. Glad you submitted to autodesk because I never got around to it...


Dwane Lindsey said...

Hey Tony!

No problem...hopefully we see a fix in the next Web Update!! I know I'm no programmer, but I can't imagine why the creation of the path makes a difference...