Thursday, September 11, 2008

Add a Hyperlink to a Family Type

Ever need/want to "attach" a document or provide a web link to an object?  Well, this can be accomplished by going to the Type Parameters and entering a value for the URL.  The key to adding a value for the URL is actually typing in the value or better yet, utilize Copy Clip and Paste.  The little button with the 3 dots (actual name is Ellipsis button if you ever wondered) isn't what you hit to get the actually takes you to the value specified.

Adding a URL

There is one wish though...have the "URL" accessible via a Ctrl+Click (or something) at the object so you don't have to go into the Type Parameters to select the Ellipsis button to open the "URL".  One thing you can do to somewhat get around going into the Type Parameters is to create a schedule and include the URL as a Field.  At least this way, you can save yourself a few mouse clicks and dialog boxes.

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