Thursday, September 25, 2008

Web Update (SP) 2 Now Available for Revit Architecture

EDIT:  Yes, its actually ready for download on the Autodesk website publicly.

Web Update 2 is ready for download on Autodesk's website via the Revit Architecture Service and Support page or from the links below...

The Web Update can be downloaded here... (English Version)

The Web Update Enhancement List can be downloaded here...


And here's a little something that is nice to's more like a service pack than a new install!

Web Update #2 Service Pack – September 2008

Important Note:
Web Update #2 is not a full install; rather it is using Service Pack technology similar to AutoCAD based products. Prior to installing the Web Update #2 Service pack, please verify that you have already installed the First Customer Ship build or Web Update #1 build of Revit Architecture 2009.


Here's a quick snapshot of what's included in the WU from the pdf...

Improvements made in Web Update 2 build (20080915_2100):

Revit Architecture 2009/ Revit® Platform Enhancements
 Improves the ability to link markups made in a DWFx file.
 Improves the ability to view thumbnail previews in Microsoft® Windows® XP x64.
 Decal bump image map will now import at correct scale for cut-out.
 Floors containing multiple slopes and walls will now export to IFC correctly.
 Improves the display of colors in shaded views to be more consistent with the 2008 Revit product line.
 Export to DXF/DWG will now export the Material's color_map texture.
 Mass Floors no longer disappear when adding text to Mass Element comments.
 Improves stability of worksharing when saving to central.
 Improves visibility of common edges when joining in-place family.
 Improves stability when accessing Pantone dialog.
 Improves stability when upgrading project or family from the 2008 version of a Revit product.
 Improves stability when selecting elements in a 3D view.
 Moving a model pattern with a face-based family constrained to it no longer causes a constraint error.
 Improves stability when switching between views.
 Improves stability when importing DWG files.
 Improves performance when adding or editing walls in models with rooms.
 Improves stability when creating a section.
 When exporting to DWG, the ceiling pattern will now export correctly.
 After a project is upgraded to the 2009 version of a Revit product, the linework will now display as set in previous version.
 Enables “Show family pre-cut in plan views” parameter for structural framing category family so that the geometry can be cut by the cut plane in medium and fine views.
API Enhancements
 By following a modified install procedure, VSTA can now run with non-administrative user permissions. Please see the Revit VSTA User Manual in the Revit SDK package for complete details.

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