Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Edit Witness Line Issue Update

Yes, there is an update to the previous issue I posted on about Dimension text moving around when editing the witness lines.  Well, there's actually a couple updates and they are not all good...

First, the(somewhat)good  news.  It appears you can edit witness lines to the right and the dimension text will not relocate itself.  Thanks to fellow AGUI member Andre Carvalho for pointing this out.

Now, to the bad.  If the dimension is vertical, it actually matters which direction you draw the dimension and which side you are editing witness lines.  Example, if you draw the dimension from bottom-up and go to edit the top witness line, the dim text will stay where you moved it.  If you go to adjust the bottom, the moved dim text goes back to the "home' position.  And of course, reverse it if you drew the dim from top-down.

And the other bad...yes, there's another!  If you add text to your dimension (above, below, prefix or suffix) and got to edit your witness lines (in any direction I might add, vertical or horizontal) the added text WILL DISAPPEAR!!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this...and see for yourself in the video below.

Stay tuned...I'll update this subject again (hopefully all good) when I find out more information or get a solution from Autodesk.

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