Friday, November 28, 2008

Revit Architecture Service Pack 3 Available

It figures that while I was on vacation (so I apologize for being a little tardy on posting this), Autodesk released web update/service pack #3!

Web Update #3 Service Pack – November 2008

Important Note:
Web Update #3 is not a full install; rather it is using Service Pack technology similar to AutoCAD® based products. Prior to installing the Web Update #3 Service pack, please verify that you have already installed a previous build of Revit Architecture 2009.

Before You Download

Please read before downloading and installing:
Service Pack Readme (pdf).

Get Started

Read all instructions above then click the appropriate link to download.

Revit Architecture 2009 Web Update #3 Service Pack (32-bit) (exe - 128 MB)

Revit Architecture 2009 Web Update #3 Service Pack (64-bit) (exe - 54 Mb)


  • The service pack contains changes from all previous Web Updates.
  • The service pack can be applied to both the standalone and Suite versions of Revit Architecture 2009.


    Here's a quick glance at the updates for this service pack...

    Improvements made in Web Update 3 build (20081118_1045):
    Revit Architecture 2009/ Revit® Platform Enhancements

    • Slab Edges when joined to their hosting Floor will now be able to cut the floor when the user manually remakes the join.
    • Improves visibility of Color Fills for certain interior wall conditions.
    • Improves IFC Export for Walls and MEP elements.
    • Improves stability when using the Split tool.
    • Improves stability when using Temporary Hide/Isolate functionality in 3D view.
    • Improves stability when binding a linked Revit file into a project.
    • Improves stability when switching between views.
    • Improves stability when selecting any of the column headers on the CAD Formats tab of the Manage Links dialog.

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