Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Portable License Utility No More for 2010

Another tool that is going away is the Portable License Utility for the 2010 products.  Taking its place will be an on-line system to transfer your license from one computer to another…which is being called License Transfer Utility.  This will transfer your license to an Autodesk server, which you must log-in to, then allow you to use the same tool to import the license on the other computer.  When you want to transfer it back, you do the same process.


This utility is product specific, so each product that you have installed will have it’s own utility.  You can access the utility via (Windows) Start->Programs->Autodesk, and then the product you would like to transfer.  In that product “folder”, you’ll see an option for License Transfer Utility.  This is only for the 2010 products, this will not transfer 2009 and older products…you still have to use the “old” Portable License Utility.

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