Thursday, April 2, 2009

Revit Architecture 2010 is NOT AVAILABLE YET

**EDIT** Please see this post as the public download is now available! **EDIT**

Just want to give an update to something that happened today.  Autodesk posted a download link for Revit Architecture 2010 on the Subscription Site…by accident.  Some folks were able to download it but the link HAS BEEN REMOVED.  I verified everything with Autodesk and the link will be available soon.  The release date hasn’t been given to us yet, but we are hoping to find out very soon.  I will post an update when the release date is and when the download is available…for real this time.


Anonymous said...

oh come on... can't anyone upload it somewhere and post the link on some forum...

it's been "done" for a month... some of us are having huge problems.

Dwane Lindsey said...

If you are talking about the first Web Update/Service Pack for 2010, it should be available July 6th or very shortly after that. I'll post a link as soon as it's available.