Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Revit Architecture 2010 Download Available for Subscription Members Soon

For the first time this year, Subscription customers have been able to download their new software products from Subscription Center, in addition to receiving their DVD.

Now, the download isn’t going to be available for everyone on the subscription center at the same time.  Based on comments (on the AUGI forums) from Scott Latch, Product Manager for Revit Architecture, this is how the subscription download process will work…

“I just got off the phone with the manager of the Electronic Fulfillment group and we are going to make the downloads via Sub Center live right now. I'm told you will not be able to see it until your Auto-Fulfillment is processed and the notification email is sent. Operations is working to get through these as quickly as possible, so please be patient.

The download page on will not be available until the First Customer Ship date. The Electronic Fulfillment download is a Subscription benefit.”

For those of you who currently have Revit (2009 or earlier WITH subscription), you can log-in to the subscription page and download the product when you get your Electronic Fulfillment notification.

Also, it doesn’t show in the location most people look at for downloads…meaning the Product Download link in the upper left corner. (This link actually brings you to the list of “Add-Ons” that Autodesk provides to subscription members.)  There should be a link on the main page under a Product Download header called - Download you product software (see image below).


If you don’t have the link shown (circled above) on your main page, then select the Product Download in the upper right.  This will bring you to the download page, which should then give you the same link as see above…image

One thing to keep in mind with the Subscription Page…the content you see may be different than someone else.  The content is based on your individual company, the software your company has purchased, and the access you may have to the site.  Some “end users” may or may not have access to download the software.  If you are not the person who manages the software or at a minimum manages the subscription and you can’t see the download, check with the person in your office/company who does do this and see if they can download it.  If no-one in your company can see the download, check with your reseller about subscription access.


Anonymous said...

Only in U.S. I think.
The message on the product download page:
There are no current products available to you. Please select from the following.

Dwane Lindsey said...

Actually, the download should be available to everyone. If you are not the contract manager, you may not have permission to download the product. If you look at the first image I have, there is a portion for contract managers to allow end-users download access. If you are the contract manager, then I would contact the subscription center. Or, check out the Revit Arch download page on to download the product as it's been posted on there.