Friday, March 26, 2010

Revit 2011 Blogger Webcast

Here are some bullet-point highlights I took from the Blogger Webcast today for Revit Architecture 2011…

  • Design Options and Worksets accessible via the Status Bar
  • Workset visibility updates
  • Box option around Text
  • Select All Instances in View
  • Decals show in the new Realistic View
  • 1 Mile radius from Origin limit has been extended to 10 miles
  • Consistent Material Library between 2011 products – Revit has new materials
  • 4 Core limit removed for Rendering in Revit
  • Background images for Rendering
  • Last Command is remembered, accessed via right-click or the Enter key
  • Filters through Links
  • Tagging elements though links
  • Editing base sketch when working with Massing (this was missing in 2010)
  • (some) Structural Tools are core in Revit Arch, not part of a subscription pack.  Things like sloped columns, enhanced beam system tools, curved beams, floor decking (sorry, no roof deck), etc.
  • NWC Exporter will now have the ability to kick out Room info and objects
  • Interactive Sun Path

And I know I don’t talk much about MEP, but WOW…2011 looks nice!  They really went to town with Revit MEP 2011 and have some very nice new features.

Want to see some videos from 2011, check out the YouTube channel from Autodesk -

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