Thursday, March 25, 2010

What’s New in Revit Architecture 2011 and Availability

Well, the day has come where Autodesk 2011 information is all over the place.  Instead of just reposting a bunch of stuff that you’ve probably already seen, I’m going to instead point you to a great post that David Light put together on his blog - - about the new features in Revit Architecture 2011.  Great post David!

I’ll be posting more as the new release hits the “streets”, or in the Subscription Center site anyway.  And, the preliminary date for Revit Architecture to be available is April 8.  Take this lightly, as it could very well change.  I’ll post though when I get the official word.

Oh, and Autodesk has updated their website with the new information for 2011…’sNew

This release looks to be one of the better releases, so I look forward to this year in Revit!

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