Friday, March 12, 2010

Splitting Walls with Sweeps and Reveals

Interesting thing came up today while working the support line.  Had a customer call in and say that he had split a wall to pull the ends apart for something, but now he needed to take the gap away and make the wall one again.  Problem was that when he dragged the end back together, it cleaned up but didn’t join the walls together to make one wall.  Since the wall was cleaning up the join, Disallow Join wasn’t turned on, so it was kind of a mystery.  When I grabbed the wall though, I noticed in the Ribbon the Edit Returns for sweeps was an option.  So as a test, we took the wall and edited the structure to remove the sweep and then tried the same thing…bingo, dragging the ends back together joined the walls into one again.

So, if you have a wall that has a sweep or reveal in/on the wall and you split it, it won’t go back to one wall if you try and drag the ends together.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an integral (within the wall type) or an applied (outside the wall type) sweep or reveal…it will act the same.  From the looks of it, Revit won’t join two sweeps or reveals back together into one continuous piece.  Yes, it’s still one sweep or reveal in/on the wall, but you will have a joint where the wall was split.


Joe Vivirito said...

I have a structural engineering firm that wants to create a 45 degree mitre join in the corners of tilt up walls with a 3/4" split space. I could not do this. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Dwane Lindsey said...

I'd probably go with an in-place void at the corners. Do a Component->Model In-Place, then select the Wall Category. Create a Void the size/shape desired, then use Cut Geometry BEFORE you finish the family. You'll have to use the Cut Geometry on each wall.

Anonymous said...

I'm using wall reveal with edited profiles for that exact thing: showing the 3/4" join between tilit up walls. It's working pretty good.

The thing is, I have drawn an entire wall, and started drawing the reveals on one half of the wall. When I noticed that the other half was the exact mirror, and that in the middle the type of wall was different, I tried to make the wall smaller by dragging the empty side's end, but my wall reveals started to mess up. After that, I tried to split the wall, but then my wall reveals disappeared. When this happened, I rolled my cursor through it, and my reveals where still there, but now they were hidden.

Could I have some guidance please?

Dwane Lindsey said...

For the Wall Reveal issue, it's hard to say what's going on without seeing it. If the reveals are getting messed up when editing the walls, I would delete the reveals, get the walls how you need them, then put the reveals back in. Might seem like more work, but may be quicker in the long run.