Monday, August 24, 2009

Hotfix – Modifying walls may crash your Revit 2010

There was a hotfix for Revit Architecture 2010 (Structure and MEP as well) released on Friday, August 21.  The hotfix isn’t very specific, but simple…This hotfix addresses issues related to deleting or modifying walls, a crash may occur.

Definitely make sure you read the Readme file as this hotfix requires you to rename a file, then copy a new one into it’s place.  You also have to have the latest build (service pack) installed.

The hotfix can be downloaded HERE.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reed SmartBIM Library and QTO now available for Revit 2010

Just received word this morning that the SmartBIM Library v3.5 (SBL) and SmartBIM QTO v1.0 are now available and supporting Revit 2010!  SmartBIM Library v3.5 provides support for Revit 2010 and improves Family Publishing and Catalog update functionality. SmartBIM QTO v1.0 is now available for Revit 2010 as well as Revit 2009.

The information listed below will enable you to download and install these products.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a representative from MasterGraphics.

SmartBIM library v3.5 and SmartBIM QTO v1.0 for Revit 2010 download and installation information. The installer is a combination installer for both SBL and QTO.  Also, there is a separate installer for Revit 2009 and Revit 2010. If you currently are NOT using SBL or QTO but would like to try it out, the download can be used as a trial for I believe 30 days.

Installer download links:

Revit 2009:

Revit 2010:

If you are currently using SBL on 2009 and want to update it to v3.5 for 2009, remember to uninstall the previous version before installing v3.5.

One thing to note…Vista users need to turn off the UAC in order for SBL and QTO to install correctly.