Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revit Architecture 2012 Update 1 Available

I knew this would happen… get busy and things slip through without being noticed.  Thanks to a co-worker, I was notified this morning that the 1st service pack/update was now available for the Revit 2012 products.  You can download the update HERE.

For some reason, the list that’s typically included isn’t available quite yet.  There are a few people that have posted about some of the fixes (What Revit Wants has a post that explains this a little along with a couple of the items people have notice that are fixed).  As soon as the list becomes available, it will be plastered all over the web!

One of the things that I noticed and am very, very happy that is fixed is Revit 2012 crashing when working with the Materials dialog.  My Revit 2012 has been crashing every time I went to close the Materials dialog, and now with Update 1, that’s been fixed!

So keep your eye on the web for the list of updates…I’m sure it won’t be too long before it’s out.