Friday, December 30, 2011

Ceiling Grid Lines Don’t Move

Never had this one happen until the last class I taught.  Had a student moving their Ceiling Grid lines in one of the exercises and the Lines were not moving.  I watched a couple times (to make sure they were using the Tool correctly, which they were) before I noticed something…the “Disjoin” checkbox in the Options Bar was checked, but it was greyed out…couldn’t change it.  So I had the student get out of the Move command and then grab something else (like a piece of furniture or something) and go back into the Move command.  There, we could uncheck the “Disjoin” checkbox and had them move the object (to make sure the “Disjoin” unchecking stuck).  So with the “Disjoin” unchecked, I had them go back and try to Move the Ceiling Grid Lines…bingo, it worked!

If you weren’t aware, the “Disjoin” checkbox remembers whether or not it was checked the last time you were in the Move command.  So, if you try and move your Ceiling Grids, make sure the “Disjoin” checkbox has been unchecked.