Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What’s New in Revit Architecture 2014

Yep, the wonderful time of the year when bloggers all across the globe push out their “version” of what’s new in the 2014 Autodesk software.  Instead of reposting a long list of enhancements, here’s a couple posts that do a great job of showing the new features…

  • As always, David Light has his great post on the new features!  Click HERE to go to his post.
  • Autodesk even got into the “game” this year and has provided a page with the new features (as well as many of the existing features).  Click HERE to see Autodesk’s page.

A couple items that probably won’t make the list for new features in Revit 2014 are integrations with Inventor and Vault. 

  • Inventor 2014 can now export directly to a Revit Family (RFA) file.  I haven’t been able to work with an exported RFA file from Inventor yet since we had some version issues.  Once the products hit the streets, I’ll post more about this.
  • Vault integration has been updated to now include search capability of the Family properties. I’ll be posting more about this as well in the future.

I also put together a video for our (MasterGraphics’s) YouTube channel. Once we get it uploaded, I’ll create a new post with it and update this post as well.

And now the wait begins until the software can be downloaded….

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flipping Stairs Flips Stringer Side

Little something I ran across during a class a couple weeks ago.  When working with Stairs in Revit 2013, someone asked about having a stringer on one side and not the other.  No problem with Component Stairs in Revit 2013. 


Then I went to show how you can change the “direction” of the stair by using the Flip Direction arrow at the top of the stair….and this happened:


Notice how the stringers also flipped sides, which is not the outcome that someone would want.  Sure, we can go in and remove/add the stringers to be on the appropriate side, but that’s just extra work!  Besides the fact that the stringers aren’t continuous …there’s a piece of stringer missing on one side of the landing (in the 2nd image).

Just a little something to be aware of when flipping stairs.  And it doesn’t even pertain to one sided stringers…it also pertains to each side having a separate profile being used!