Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Copy Doors and Constrain

I’ve had a few people ask me recently why they can’t copy Doors from one wall to another.  I was surprised they couldn’t as I could without any issues.  But then something clicked…the Constrain checkbox.  Sure enough, if Constrain is checked, you can’t copy a Door outside of the wall it’s placed in.  So in order to copy the door from one wall to another by utilizing the Copy tool, just make sure the Constrain checkbox is unchecked.

Or, just utilize a right-click and Create Similar.

Friday, April 15, 2011

How Much RAM Should I Get

I get this question quite often from many people, whether they are looking to get a new computer or looking to make some updates to their current computer.  Here’s a little excerpt from the Revit  Model Performance Technical Note

“Please keep in mind the amount of local machine RAM required is approximately 20 times the size of your compacted central project file.  Each linked file would apply to this total as well.”

What this really talks about is how much RAM is required to OPEN a Revit file.  So if you have a 100MB Revit file (I like easy math!), you’ll need 2GB of available RAM to open that file.  Got a 100MB Revit Structure file linked into the Arch file, better have 4GB of available RAM when you open the Arch file.  Notice, I’m not saying that you need “X” amount of installed RAM, it’s “X” amount of available RAM  to open a Revit file.

Because of this requirement, I’ve been recommending that people utilize a 64bit OS so you can get at least 6GB of RAM installed, but preferably 8GB of RAM.  Unless you are working on small projects and you’re Revit files are going to hover around 50MB or less, then you could get away with 4GB of RAM and potentially a 32bit OS.