Monday, July 25, 2011

New Ceiling Modify Option

Here’s a little something I ran across in my last training session…

When you want to modify a Ceiling, you typically had to get the to edge of the ceiling, select it, then you would get the option to Edit Boundary (left image).  If you select just a grid line, you don’t get that option (right image)…

image    image

This has now changed in Revit 2012!  If you select just a grid line of a ceiling, you now get the option to Edit Boundary…


So, no more placing your curser at the edge of a ceiling/wall and using the Tab key to cycle until you get to the ceiling to select it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Off Topic–Autodesk Certification

Last week I received my results from taking the Autodesk Certified Instructor program back in early June.  It was a tough 4 days, doing 3 presentations, 2 of them recorded, scored and critiqued during that time.  Then, the videos of the 2 presentations are sent around the world (from my understanding) to get critiqued as well.  I thought I did well, but it’s a little nerve-racking waiting basically a month to find out if I was “made the grade” to become certified.

Well, WOO HOO, I passed!  I am now an Autodesk Certified Instructor (Revit Architecture)!!

It was a great experience, learned a lot about presenting/instructing in a different way then I typically do for our classes.  If you are an instructor of Autodesk software, even if it’s within your own company, and especially if you are an education instructor, I would highly suggest going through this program if you get the chance.

You can learn more about the Autodesk Certified Instructor program HERE.  The Revit and Inventor programs are listed yet on the site as they are still in the preliminary phase.  The program is hoping for these programs to go “live” towards the end of this year (2011).