Monday, January 25, 2010

No More Box Shipments for 2011 Autodesk Software Upgrades

Autodesk has informed us that for the upcoming 2011 software, they are going to make the default method for product deliveries via the download method instead of shipping out actual boxes with CD’s/DVD’s for the majority of the Autodesk Subscription customers.  What this means is that subscription customers are going to be downloading any upgrades and not getting disk media.  This applies to Subscription customers in about 37 countries.

Autodesk will be informing Subscription customers via email probably early in Feb. of this change officially.  If you really do prefer getting your upgrade via a disk, it sounds like you will be able to do so via the Subscription Center by submitting a request.  But again, look for/reference the official policy change email from Autodesk coming up in February.