Thursday, February 14, 2008

Revit Architecture 2009 Updated and New Features!!

It's finally OFFICIAL... as of today we were released from our confidentiality agreement to discuss the new features. Yes, new and updated features for Revit Architecture 2009 can now OFFICIALLY be shared!!

There are 3 main buckets of enhancements...Improved Design and Visualization Tools, Better Control and Flexibility, and Improved User Interaction. I've given a very brief description of each enhancement for now and will post more about each one as time permits. This list may not be all of the enhancements and I will post more as they become available...or I find them! I will also be posting more about each topic with examples through screen shots or small video clips.

Improved Design and Visualization Tools
Rendering Enhancements

  • The AccuRender® rendering engine has been replaced with the mental ray® rendering engine.

Swept Blend

  • A new tool blending a Sweep with a Blend.

Curved Edges in Sloped Slabs

  • You can now have cureved edges in your floors and roof and utilize the Sloping tools.

Mass Floor Area and Volume

  • When you create mass floors, Revit Architecture now calculates the area and perimeter of each mass floor and the exterior surface area and volume of the slice of space above it. Mass floors can be tagged individually and scheduled.

Sloped Pads

  • You can now have sloped Pads by utilizing a Slope Arrow.

Better Control and Flexibility
Room Enhancements

  • Room Volume Calculations can now be set by Level Type, Volume calculation always go to the finish face, Rooms can extend down as well as up, and you can select Rooms in Sections and Elevations.

  • Room Graphics in Section and Elevation views will now display the accurate boundary, you can modify the top and bottom limits with grips, and Color Fills (Schemes) can be applied in Section & Elevation.

  • Room Bounding elements can now be Pads as well as Links.

  • Rooms can be tagged using Tag all not Tagged, Room Tags can now move in other views if the room is moved and the tag resides outside the boundary.

Dimension Enhancements

  • Dimensions can be overridden with text (but not with another dimension value). You can now also add text strings above, below, before and after the dimensions.

  • Dimension to Intersections and to Circle, Arc, or Ellipse Centers.

  • Dimension text now has the same formatting options as other text.

  • Baseline Dimensions and Ordinate Dimensions are now available.

Revision Enhancements

  • Revisions can now be numbered alphabetically, numerically, or as a combination of both.

  • Revisions can build a table from the bottom-up, not just top-down.

  • Revision schedules can be rotated on a sheet.

Unit Formatting Enhancements

  • A new Currency value has been added for Numbers and Cost fields.

  • A new Slope unit has been added to report slope.

Phasing Graphic Override

  • Phasing graphic overrides now use an interface consistent with Visibility/Graphics

  • Line styles: color, weight, pattern (for both cut/projection)

  • Fill patterns: visibility, color, style (for both cut/surface)


  • Now have the ability to control the display of linked views in section, elevation, and 3D views.

  • Phase Mapping Between Linked Projects

Linework Additional Edge Types

  • The Linework Tool now works on Edges in linked Revit files when displayed "By Host", Polylines (generally from imports), and Projection edges caused by plan regions.

DWFx Support

  • Support is now included for Microsoft’s XML Paper Specification (XPS) format of easy distribution on the Vista® platform supported by the XPS Viewer.

Improved User Interaction
Recent Files Window

  • Upon start-up Revit Architecture will now display a graphical list of recently edited files and families, and links to Help, Tutorials, and content.

View Navigation Tools

  • The ViewCube and SteeringWheels have been added to Revit Architecture.

Warning Enhancements

  • When an element that is associated with a warning is detected, the element will display a small warning icon in the Options Bar.

  • The Review Warnings dialog has a new Export command.

Granular View Templates

  • View properties can now be applied selectively using view templates.

Snap Overrides

  • Snap overrides are now listed under a "Snap Overrides" menu accessible from the right-click context menu.

  • The "Close" snap override has been created to provide an ability to snap to the beginning of a chain of two or more lines.

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