Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Autodesk Announces 2010 Products Available

**EDIT** Please see this post as the public download is now available! **EDIT**

Today, announced that their 2010 design and engineering software product line is now available…kind of.  They’ve basically have updated their website to now include 2010 features and functionality for their products and download some of the 2010 product trials (like AutoCAD 2010).  This doesn’t mean that ALL of the software is available for download…specifically Revit!  You can go to the Revit Architecture product page to see some of their new marketing material that has been updated to include some of the 2010 features.  They’ve also updated the system requirements and recommendations for the 2010 products.  The Revit Architecture recommendations can be viewed HERE.

Stay tuned…Revit Architecture 2010 is sure to be announced when it will be available any day now…

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